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Dance is a curious pastime. We study and learn and, we think, master. Then just as we believe real progress is being made we are faced with a new raft of challenges! Such has been my fate over the past few months.

Last year my partner and I had a measure of success in the senior intermediate ballroom ranks here in the UK. This culminated in a pleasing second place at the Champions of Tomorrow dance event in Blackpool against around 30 other couples. And so we marched off with our cup looking forward to the senior pre-championship events. Boy were we in for a rude awakening!

Our first senior pre champ event was two weeks after our Blackpool success. A five hour plus drive, 5 minutes on the dance floor and a five hour drive home, we didn't even make the last 14!

Three weeks later and another 5 hour drive saw us spend another five minutes on the dance floor and once again we didn't make the final 14. We were despondent to say the least and looked to our teacher for some guidance.

“Where to start!” was his reply. “Oh...” thought I.

To cut a long story short there was a great deal wrong with my dancing and although we had been given the benefit of the doubt in the lower ranks as we approached the higher levels it just wasn't going to cut it. In a few short weeks we had gone from the top of the intermediate pile to the bottom of the pre-champ and there was much work to do.

I can report that following some hard work we have made a little progress and even managed a second place in a competition that wasn't too well attended. My dancing has, in my opinion, been transformed and I have been given a solid platform from which to build my assault on the pre-championship circuit. There is still much work to do but this sobering experience has been of tremendous value and reminded me just how much there is to ballroom dancing. I'll report on the years progress later.

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