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Tall intermediate man in Leeds

Man Looking for Lady
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DescriptionHI Im over 6ft, slim and fit, 66 and have been doing the 10 dances for 5yrs, jiving for 15 before. Id love to find a tal
DescriptionI have been going weekly to ballroom and latin dance class for about two years now and I just love to dance.
DescriptionI am a lady who loves dancing and would like a partner in north Lincolnshire for social dances. I dance ballroom Latin a

Practice & Dance Partner

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionDo you love to dance and live in the Berkshires ? I do and would would like to find an available mature male dance &

Jerry Moody

Man Looking for Lady
DescriptionVery respectful senior retired gentleman located just west of Atlanta. I need some "dancing" help! Haven't danced much
DescriptionRetired, single lady from Newbury, Berkshire Who loves to take flight when the opportunity arises; believes good stan


Man Looking for Lady
DescriptionFemale dance partner required in the Oxford area

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