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Earl Hill

Man Looking for Lady
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DescriptionI am new to Ballroom dancing and looking for a practice partner. I live in Westland, Michigan.

Dance Partner wanted

Lady Looking for Man
i am
DescriptionDance Partner for jitterbug and Swing dancing. Will meet at dance pay own way. I am in need of a dance partner, not real
DescriptionI have been going weekly to ballroom and latin dance class for about two years now and I just love to dance.

Passionate about ballroom

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionHi. I'm looking for a man to dance with, either for pleasure or for ballroom comps. I'm 5ft 7" out of shoes. Slim build

Dance Partner

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionI had some lessons years ago. Looking for a partner have basics, can lead and enjoy dancing.

California Country

Lady Looking for Man
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DescriptionLooking for a senior, social dance partner. Especially like Country. Near Palm Springs//Redlands, California area


Lady Looking for Man
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DescriptionI am 78, 5',140lbs, beginning ballroom woman dancer and need a male partner in Vernon, New Jersey USA

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