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DescriptionHave done ballroom for 2 years but would like a regular dancer and done ceroc for many years but can do it with my eyes

Lady who just wants to dance

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionI am 68 years young and 5ft 1in i currently dance Ballroom and Latin at silver standard at the moment. I also love Cer

Patricia Shearing

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionI'm getting back into ballroom and need a lot more practice. My quickstep and waltz are very good but I need practice

Ballroom Dancing Salsa

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionIm 61 5'5" medium build looking for a dance partner any style but love sasla, ballroom and rock n roll

Dance and rhythm

Man Looking for Lady
DescriptionGreetings all. I have been enjoying learning ballroom/latin for 10 months around the south London area and would be grea

Senior Partner Wanted

Man Looking for Lady
UntitledMe in the kitchen
DescriptionHello I am looking for a partner for Ballroom, Latin and some Sequence dancing, and I live in Weston Super Mare, but usu


Man Looking for Lady
DescriptionBeginner in Latin and ballroom looking for a partner to practice with,at this stage not interested in competition just s

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