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Lady Looking for Man
i am
DescriptionDance Partner for jitterbug and Swing dancing. Will meet at dance pay own way. I am in need of a dance partner, not real

Dance Partner

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionI had some lessons years ago. Looking for a partner have basics, can lead and enjoy dancing.

Looking for a man dancer

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionI am a 68 years old single I'm into partnerline dancing and shag. I live in Sevierville, Tennessee that is near Knoxv


Lady Looking for Man
My HipstaPrint 940521413 (3)
DescriptionI am 78, 5',140lbs, beginning ballroom woman dancer and need a male partner in Vernon, New Jersey USA
DescriptionLooking for a ballroom practice partner
DescriptionHi there! I'm 60 years old, single and looking for a male ballroom dance partner. I live in the Rochester Michigan area

Jerry Moody

Man Looking for Lady
DescriptionVery respectful senior retired gentleman located just west of Atlanta. I need some "dancing" help! Haven't danced much

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