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Practice & Dance Partner

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionDo you love to dance and live in the Berkshires ? I do and would would like to find an available mature male dance &


Man Looking for Lady
DescriptionFemale dance partner required in the Oxford area

Dance partner needed

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionLady looking for swing dance partner for social dancing and conversation beginning in Feb. 2016 in Santa Rosa CA
DescriptionI am a lady in my 50's looking for a dance and practice partner to attend classes and social dance events in the Surrey/

Amanda Jayne Spence

Lady Looking for Man
IMG_0942 (2)
DescriptionHi I am a 52 year old lady 5ft 3in tall (wos). I'm looking for a male partner around the same age and height. I am l


Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionI am Claudia from Johannesburg South Africa I have always been passionate about dance and enjoy attending dance shows,

Jerry Moody

Man Looking for Lady
DescriptionVery respectful senior retired gentleman located just west of Atlanta. I need some "dancing" help! Haven't danced much

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