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DescriptionHi, I'm actively attending classes iand would really like to find a dance partner. I've danced on and off for a number o

Mrs. Jan Buckingham

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionI'm Jan & I have been dancing for many years doing ballroom, latin & sequence with my husband. I am 70 & fit & healthy.
DescriptionHi, I am a 37 years old dancer. I have danced for 10 years, on and off. I competed in Latin and Ballroom. I was original

Lady needs Dance Partner

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionPretty lady sixty looking for a partner for Ballroom, Sequence, Latin etc. Lessons and dances, I have been dancing for a


Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionI don't mind if male or female. I am mainly a modern sequence dancer but can do social sequence, ballroom & latin and a


Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionI am 5ft 4ins and I live in West Yorkshire. Would like to meet a gentleman for social dancing (ballroom and sequence)
DescriptionI have a student looking for a male partner. Catherine is 54 years old, and 5ft 8inches. She is looking for a regular

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