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DescriptionHi, My name is Steve. I am looking for a competitive partner for Open Senior Championship of International standard.
DescriptionI am looking for a regular partner for classes and social dances. I am intermediate level and am 5ft 4"

Two to Tango

Man Looking for Lady
Ray (15a)
DescriptionLooking for a Female Dance Partner (any dance level). Hi, I am looking for a Female Dance Partner (any dance level).


Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionVery young-hearted and young-looking. I'm in the midlands and trying to keep up with my dancing, but find there are no
DescriptionSenior male (67) seeking female partner. I have been Line dancing for around 9 years and in November 2016 I started Ball
DescriptionHi! I've been taking ballroom dance, latin, swing, and a little country for a little more than 2 years. Love it! But I c


Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionHi, I am a 60 year old slim lady,5ft 3ins and lives in Cheshire. I have been dancing many years and would like to find a

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