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DescriptionHello. I am 61 years old. I square dance at plus level, and am just now starting round dance lessons. I am located in

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Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionHi, I'm looking for a man (preferably 5'9" or taller, as I'm tall) to compete in a year and a half. Not your usual compe

senior man

Man Looking for Lady
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Descriptionneed dance partner, not girlfriend, for american ballroom, swing, and Latin. live in downers grove, IL
DescriptionLooking for a competitive dance partner to aim for Senior III Latin champion in Japan. Would like to focus on Latin comp
DescriptionI have been dancing for a couple of years and need a committed partner to regularly practice, share lessons and perhaps

Joyous Dance

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionRetired, single lady who loves to take flight when the opportunity arises; believes good stance, accurate timing and cor

Lady mid sixties

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionLady with some Ballroom experience living in Birmingham Sutton Coldfield area would welcome help from a very patient ge

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