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Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionHi Im 52 years young and danced regularly in Rochdale from the age 4 years old until my mid 20's. I did all the RDTA la

Dawn Snt

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionI love dancing and took lessons when I was a child, never danced since, only for fun. Would love to dance again, but nee


Lady Looking for Man
Description5'8"...very young 68 yr old beginner sequence dancer with ballroom and latin experience . looking for male dance part

Social dance partner needed

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionHi I'm 48 and started lessons about 8 months ago. My dance school holds a social dance the 1st Saturday of every month

Sequance Dancer

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionHi I am 83 years young, spritely, love dancing, have done ballroom and latin in the past, now experienced sequance dance

Senior lady dancer

Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionI am in my 70's, 5 foot 4 inches,I danced a lot until 2 years ago, doing ballroom, latin, argentine tango and I miss it.


Lady Looking for Man
DescriptionI am a 60 year old woman looking for a local dance partner in Pembrokeshire for social dancing. Tea dances, Sequence da

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